Europa Innovación enables SME access to European funding

Statistics show that only seven percent of SME in Europe have requested public funds.  Principally, the reasons behind this low level of participation are: the lack of innovation and the complexity that characterizes the financing programmes launched by the EU.

The labour of Europa Innovación Euroconsulting (EIE), gives effect to the pairing of European funding/SME. EIE defends and demonstrates that Europe is not just for giants, but the ideal mean for economic growth and innovation of SME.

Its client portfolio includes multiple success cases, featuring by small companies which have benefited from European funding, by successfully participating in the execution of programmes such as LIFE, Eurostars and COSME.

To facilitate small businesses’ access to European finance, Europa Innovación participates at many important events, conferences and congresses   to disseminate on the opportunities and resources offered by European Union.

Moreover, the work of Europa Innovación goes beyond the purely informative task, with extensive experience in redaction and technical and financial management of projects. Legal and administrative requirements of the European programmes cease to be a problem for SME thanks to the support provided by EIE in this area.

If you have a new idea, please contact our team, we will help you to develop it:

Discover the Prezi of Europa Innovación!

Europa Innovación announces the release of the company’s Prezi presentation to give more details about the three pillars of the company: Europe Projects, Europe Communication and Europe Training.

Don’t miss the opportunity of taking part in European funding programmes. Find out about all you can do on this through Europa Innovación; learn with us about funding opportunities, in order to decide which is the best for your idea.

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Mangement of LIFE projects

On Wednesday, November 18, Europa Innovación team met with the technical team that coordinates the European project LIFE ECOCITRIC in La Vall d’Uixó (Castellón) face to monitor the development and progress of the project and schedule the next steps for 2016 set by Brussels.

If you have a LIFE project, you can count on us for management activities, financial justification, communication strategies, networking … !

Personal advice

On 19 November,  Europa Innovación held a meeting with the Asociación Valenciana de Agricultores – AVA ASAJA, in order to coordinate their strategy of participating  in the European project LIFE ECOCITRIC as well as communication and dissemination activities that they are leading in this project.

The Strategy for Horizon 2020 is under preparation

Following recent  publications  of 2016 and 2017 call for proposals of the EU research and innovation program Horizon 2020, Europa Innovación is preparing the strategy to follow with our customers in areas such as food, agriculture, energy, health, environment, etc.

Of particular importance for our team in 2016 are the lines FTI and SME instrument, given the interest shown by our customers.

Do you have an innovative idea? Contact with us and get the right diagnoses with European programming.

Europa Innovación meets with CDTI

The team of Europa Innovación  has been  recently in Madrid at a meeting with the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) in order to comment two projects to be submitted  four our customers to the Horizon2020 SME Instrument, in particular  to the 2016 open call for phase 1 and 2.

The national contact point for SMEs clear up the doubts raised by Europa Innovación and  also commented on other aspects  for the preparation of winning  project proposals.

Do you have a new strategic line with a work plan developed? Would you like to raise  the development of an innovative idea? Contact us and we will  help you to participate in the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.

Europa Innovación launches the website in English and French

Europa Innovación updated its web page  to ensure that language is not a barrier to communicate with customers.  All information about the company, the news and events  will be available for now also in English and French, the main communication languages of the European Union and its institutions.

Within its strategy based in close proximity to its customers and partners, Europa Innovación has also launched a Twitter account in English and French as well as a profile in Facebook.

By clicking on the buttons appearing at the top of our website you can follow our work in the language and through the social network most appropriate for you.

If you have any queries at all, do contact us, we look forward to helping you!

EUROPE INNOVATION, speaker at the conference on European funds organized by the CEOE

The EU Commission of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) organizes on 17 December in Madrid a day on the funds and programs financed by the European Union.

Beatriz Soler,  Director Partner of Europa Innovación, will participate as a speaker at the conference with José Vicente González, vice president of CEOE and Chairman of the EU Commission of CEOE, and other experts from the Ministry of Development, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and the Official Credit Institute (ICO).

In particular, the conferencce will count with the participation of Ms. Rosario Casero, Deputy Director of Strategy and Evaluation at ICO; Mr. Pascual Villate, Deputy Director of Planning Infrastructure and Transport Ministry of Development and  Mr. Javier García, Head of Industrial Leadership at CDTI.

Because of its recognized expertise, Europe Innovation will be the company responsible for explaining the main practical aspects to consider when submitting projects.

Soler’s  presentation will focus on necessary requirements at the time of filing a European proposal, stages of preparation, evaluation criteria, as well as some key aspects for successful proposals.

The aim of the conference is to go more in deeply into funding possibilities of the European Union putting an accent on the most interesting funds and programs from the point of view of competitiveness.

Europe in your daily business

Beatriz Soler, partner director of Europa Innovación,   has given the main speech of the conference “Europe within your reach: funding opportunities for your business” in the municipality of La Vall d’Uixó to give entrepreneurs information about the European financing programs.

Entrepreneurs, companies and institutions attended the event organized by the City Council of La Vall d’Uixó to learn about the different programs in which entrepreneurs can participate to obtain European funds such as LIFE, COSME or Erasmus+.

After the conference, a          symposium was organized     as well as networking activities         among the participants to share what they had learned during the morning.

Europa Innovación attends the Calpe Council DUSI Project’s presentation

Calpe Council has reported, helped by Europa Innovación, its Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development (DUSI, so called after the Spanish initials) Plan, “Calp Ciudad Sostenible”, last Tuesday the 12th of January. With a 5 years strategic, the global budget of the project will be 8,5M€ of which Europe, through European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), will finance the 50%.

Countless contacts with social and cultural collectives, economic agents and organizations, through challenges and surveys, precede this project presentation. The aim was to gather the citizens’ opinion about what were the priority actions to start up in the Council. All this previous work has been reflected on the Local Action Plan, a document from what the Consistory has intensely worked, together with Europa Innovación, during last months, to set the proposal, obtaining, as a result of it, “Calp Ciudad Sostenible”, an ambitious Project to reach a sustainable, inclusive and modern Council.

The strategy includes different lines of intervention, grouped together in strategic aims, such as improving the access, use and quality of Information and Communication Tecnologies; protecting the environment and efficiency of resources; betting on a low carbon economy and promoting social inclusion and poverty reduction.